How to Find the Quote for an Essay Opening: Practical Tips

Each time your professor assigns you the next task to write an essay – any type of essay – you know that it will take time. You will need to choose the topic, run all the necessary research on the subject, create your thesis statement, and do a lot more to compose the text. Ironically, it is the largest Body part of an essay that seems to be the easiest. Conclusions often come naturally from the Body paragraphs where you prove your theses. But it is just another way round with the Introduction part.

Why Is It so Important to Make a Strong Beginning of an Essay?

The way you start your essay is crucial for its success in public. You may gather the most up-to-date data on the topic and provide smart arguments and infallible proofs, and still fail because the audience is not interested. The Essay Introduction is where you need to catch it make them intrigued. At the same time, it is, perhaps, the most difficult task during the essay writing.

But even if you only need to submit the text for the professor to evaluate it, the opening of your essay will be evaluated too. You can’t get the A+ score for an essay assignment if you fail any part of it. That’s why there are many guides and recommendations for students that explain how to start an essay. Doing this properly helps you to attract the audience from the very beginning.

Quote as an Efficient Hook on the Start of an Essay

This is the so-called “hook” – a special method on appealing to your listeners or readers. Your goal is to touch off their reaction with the very first sentence. Several methods are good for this: questions, referring to interesting facts or stats data, etc. But the quote is one of the most efficient means.

Pluses of using quotes to open the essay  

  • A good quote saves you a lot of time, as it represents the idea in a much better form than you might formulate yourself. Famous quotes are like concentrated incarnations of knowledge, wit, or life observation.
  • Quotes of outstanding people are powerful by nature, and they belong to a wider context of our culture. Using a good quote to start an essay you ignite the public at once – they will respond with their own experience and understanding.
  • When you use the quote as a hook in your essay, you can set the tone. Depending on the author and the style of those phrases you can present your essay as a more serious one, or more emotional, or creative text, etc.
  • You are appealing to the authors of that original quotes for support and use their authority. If your essay is about some movie, it could be useful to cite a famous director, producer, or actor in the Introduction. If you write your essay about some scientific trends and innovations, refer to the quotes of famous scientists. This way you establish the reliability of own work too.
  • A good choice of a quote at essay start lets you present your original thinking, as you can connect the quote to some unexpected context and thus give it an additional “dimension”.

What to beware of in choosing a quote to start an essay

  • The main threat of using quotes as hooks at the beginning of your essay is that they become a banality. This is especially true for overused quotes that many generations of students brought in their countless essays.
  • Sometimes students get into a trap of misconnecting the tone of the quote with the tone of the essay. It does not mean that you have to always use the same tone in the hook and the rest of the text. Contrast is a good method of influencing the audience, but you have to work with it wisely. If you want to use some humorous quote to start your text from, consider the logical connection with the thesis statement. Irony or sarcasm would suit better for a serious problem exposition than an easy anecdote.
  • While looking for a quote for essay start to check its correctness in several sources. When you cite someone directly, the piece of the text must be original. However, it happens that well-known quotes get changed in the course of the public usage – sometimes they forget about the original authorship, in other cases the wording becomes distorted. It can be a catch that you need to avoid. Awry citations do not help the trustworthiness of your work.

Tips on Choosing a Successful Quote for an Essay Beginning

It some cases students are lucky to recall a citation that matches their essays perfectly at once – it comes on the mind itself. But such cases are rare. If you think of using some quotes for essay beginning, you probably know many of them, or you are a fan of some authors. Referring to them for an appropriate phrase, pay attention to the following conditions:

  • The quote must make an impression on the audience in the way you need it. Consider the reaction you want to provoke. You might wish to inspire the public, or invite to the discussion, or prove some thesis at once, or stress the importance and difficulty of the topic. Choose the quote that should produce the necessary effect.
  • You need to assure that the meaning of the quote used as an essay hook correlates with the subject and topic of your essay. Even the brightest phrase won’t do you justice if it is unrelated to the contents of your text. It can even distract or annoy the audience. Every word of your essay is a message, so, make sure that your messages do not contradict each other. A quote for the essay beginning must support the ideas of your essay.
  • Avoid overused quotes. Your professors and your audience have already heard them a thousand times. If you consider that some authors had a great understanding of the idea, you want to present their words in your essay. In this case, it might be worth searching for more citations of the definite author who is an expert. You might find something more original and meeting the requirements too.
  • It can be very useful if you give additional meaning to the quote if you present it in a new context. There are more methods than the direct connections only, and you might use more complicated logical sequences. It is a more difficult task, of course, but if you are successful, it will improve your reputation significantly.
  • The form and essence of the quote must suit the apprehension of the audience. It does not deal with the emotional reaction, more with the knowledge and the background of the audience. You should consider if your readers or listeners are prepared to understand the meaning of the quote. If you want to cite a famous scientist, make sure that the audience is familiar with the terms and ideas formulated in it. If the quote refers to some historical event of important person – think beforehand if your audience knows enough of that period.
  • The quote of the hook works better if you refer to it in context. For example, you may mention the circumstances of its “birth”, or name the author and define in a couple of words why that quote becomes famous.
  • Refer to the collections of quotes – the bigger the collection is, the better. It improves your chances to find some quotes for essay opening that will be catchy, powerful, and original.
  • Make sure to use the correct citation format in your essay and arrange properly the opening citation in the “hook” area. This goes with all the other direct and indirect quotes you will use in the text as well.
  • Check your text for plagiarism. Direct quotes with all credits are not plagiarism, there is nothing to worry about. But you will submit the text for evaluation, and your professor will check its originality as well. So, make sure that the direct quotes you use don’t exceed the allowed 5-10% of the text. If you have to keep the opening quote in the essay Introduction as is, you might need to paraphrase our direct citations.

Professional Help with Quotes for Essay Beginning

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